City of St Charles School District

A Proud Past...An Enlightened Future


  • On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, voters in the City of St. Charles School District approved, with 75% of the vote, Proposition KIDS, a no tax rate bond issue that will generate approximately $47 million for the District.

    Prop KIDS Thank you The passing of Proposition KIDS will enable us to upgrade facilities throughout the district, significantly improve learning environments for all kids, preK-12th grade, and will open many doors of opportunity for our youngest students in what will truly be one of the best early childhood centers in the region.

    We're so thankful to serve such a wonderful city that values public education and understands that a strong community is only possible through strong schools. We will never take this support for granted. 

    Please click here to find out more information and details about what the passing of Proposition KIDS will do for the District and community. Thank you!