Lewis & Clark Career Center

Leading Through Innovation

2016-2017 SkillsUSA Officers
PRESIDENT:                                           Jeremy Schindler
VICE PRESIDENT:                                 AJ Bradbury
PARLIAMENTARIAN:                           Sarah Kieffer
SECRETARY:                                           Racheal Bragee
REPORTER:                                             Jessica Gaddy
HISTORIAN:                                            Baylee Herrick
TREASURER:                                          Andrew Busken
SOCIAL ACTIVITY CHAIR:                  Lexie Schnarre & Andrew Chaffin
COMMUNITY SERVICE CHAIR:          Tiffany McCallister & Erik DeRuntz
FUNDRAISING CHAIR                           Kevin Drake 
President: Leads the meetings, helps provide direction to the group
Vice-President: Helps the President, part of all the committees
Parliamentarian: Helps to ensure the group follows correct procedure
Secretary: Records what happens in meetings and handles all correspondence
Reporter: Writes news stories on chapter activities, Contacts school newspaper and the local news media about SkillsUSA events  
Historian: Chapter scrapbook, bulletin board, and takes pictures
Treasurer: Keeps track of money
Social Activity Chair: Heads up and plans SkillsUSA Social Activity - usually one per semester
Community Service Chair: Heads up and plans SkillsUSA Community Service Project - typically one per semester 
Fundraising Chair: Heads up and plans SkillsUSA fundraising projects - usually one per semester