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2017 SDSD Outstanding Award Winners

Congratulations to the "Outstanding Award Winners" for the City of St. Charles School District. These hard working, innovative and caring individuals truly make a difference in our community each and every day!

Along with hugs, smiles, kudos and a handful of balloons, these award winners will be treated to an evening celebration called "Journey to Excellence" in the month of April.

Once again, congratulations to these fantastic employees.

1. Amy Overton, District Teacher of the Year- Blackhurst Elementary 
2. Lauren Mertz, Teacher, Specialized Area- Lincoln Elementary
3. Shelby Haas (middle, black shirt), PreK-6 Support Staff- Harris Elementary 
4. Angie Peters (middle w/ balloons), 7-12 Support Staff- Lewis & Clark Career Center 
5. Kate Cox (holding balloons), PreK-6 Teacher of the Year- Jefferson Intermediate
6. Suzy Marsh (middle), First Year Teacher- Jefferson Intermediate 
7. Jeremy Shields (holding balloons), Administrator of the Year- Jefferson Intermediate
8. Lori Van Houten, 7-12 Teacher of the Year- St. Charles West
9. Rhonda Welty, District Support Staff- Benton Administration Center
10. Lori Wootten, District Volunteer of the Year